Cubical SmartHomes is the first ever comprehensive and affordable home automation solution.

Here's how it can help.
View what is happening.

Integrated IP Camera feeds ensure that home is just a glance away.

Retrofit for your home.

Your present switches stay as they are. No need to rewire.

Lighten up your mood.

All your lights become dimmable! Set the ambiance now.

Feel safe and secure.

Like your bank transactions, Our systems use industry grade AES encryption.

Conserve and analyze.

Inbuilt sensors provide you with energy usage data. Also get detailed analytics from our cloud based systems.

Cubical Master

Our master unit, which can hang on the wall. It connects to your Wi-Fi and talks to our Cubical Mobile App.

Cubical Switch.

Our switch unit, which goes behind all of your switchboards. It let's you control all your appliances and dim all your lights.

3 step installation

Add the Cubical Switch unit behind switchboards. Connect the Cubical Master Unit to your Wi-Fi and you're done!